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Education & School Law

We are experienced in the niche area of Education and School law. PCL Lawyers has extensive experience in helping clients resolve their disputes in the education sector. If you are either a student, parent, education staff or providers, we can help.

We routinely advise parents who have disputes with schools, university students and staff and a wide range of other individuals and organisations in the Education sector.

We are experienced in resolving disputes, such as:

  • bullying & harassment claims
  • unfair treatment and expulsion of children
  • disciplinary action against children
  • academic misconduct claims
  • special consideration & VCAA complaints
  • false & misleading claims against an education provider
  • advice for education facilities.

Parents & Students

This area of law often involves sensitive and personal matters, especially when your child is a minor. We are experienced in handling these complex and sensitive education matters. We are also experienced where children and schools have attracted negative media attention.

Our education lawyers can quickly advise you of the best course of action. We can advise you on what the school or universities policies are, and we can represent you. We can also offer advice before a dispute escalates on how to interact with the other party to protect your rights.

This legal advice is important as with these types of matters events can unfold quickly. We advise our clients, so they are well prepared with what to say and often, what not to say.

We can also help with VCAA applications such as special consideration for VCE students if an application has been denied.

Teachers & Education Facilities

Having proper legal representation is important. When a dispute arises with a professional individual or institution there can be considerable financial and reputational loss. It is important that any disputes are handled with sensitivity, and thoroughly.

There are many agreements, contracts and leases etc which educators need legal advice on. We can provide teachers and education providers with the right legal advice to ensure they are well protected and compliant.

Contact our lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane today for a confidential discussion about your circumstances and how we can help you. Please fill out the enquiry form on this page or contact us on 1300 907 335.

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