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Insurance Claim Litigation

Insurance is supposed to be your safety net when things go wrong, so what happens when your insurance company doesn’t pay out your claim?

On top of the event that caused you to call on your insurance policy, a rejected claim can have a devastating impact on your family’s or businesses finances. There is often a personal and emotional toll a denied claim takes following an event.

Getting knocked back by your insurance company isn’t necessarily the end of the story. You may be able to take action and get the pay-out you deserve.

At PCL Lawyers, we can review and discuss your case with you and come up with the best course of action in your particular circumstances.

There are multiple ways we can assist:

  • help you navigate your insurance company’s internal dispute resolution processes to resolve the dispute directly
  • consider approaching the Financial Services Ombudsman
  • if all else fails, commencing court proceedings against your insurance company.

Our lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are highly experienced and can give you practical, helpful assistance and advice to resolve the situation quickly. We look to get the best outcome for you.

We can help you in claims involving all types of insurance, including:

  • home and contents insurance
  • motor vehicle insurance
  • business insurance
  • income protection & superannuation
  • travel insurance
  • sickness & accident insurance
  • trauma insurance
  • total & permanent disability insurance
  • death benefits insurance.

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