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Taxation Disputes

Our experienced tax dispute lawyers have successfully guided numerous clients through negotiations with government agencies, such as the State Revenue Offices (SRO) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Our lawyers implement a highly organised and professional strategy that has seen significant success and reduced our client’s penalties and liabilities.

In the event that you have received any correspondence from the ATO or SRO, including but not limited to a letter, demand, or legal action, you should obtain advice from one of our tax dispute lawyers. Our lawyers can also assist clients who require a private ruling or other tax related legal advice.

Our lawyers are well-equipped to assist with any legal matters which may arise, including:

  • Debt collection
  • Demands for payment
  • Garnishee notices
  • Court proceedings
  • Audit recommendations
  • Director’s Penalty NoticesStatutory demandsReviews of Assessments and penalties for land tax, payroll tax, transfer duties and more.

Inappropriate spending of corporate funds

Our lawyers will assist by offering guidance and representing you in discussions with the ATO or SRO, first by determining your liability to the ATO or SRO, and whether the amount the agency claims is owed is valid. We can negotiate various possible resolutions, such as seeking to decrease the amount you owe, establishing a payment plan, or waiving penalty interest and fees.

With our vast expertise in minimising taxpayer responsibility, we strive for the prompt resolution of taxation disputes. Our track record of achievements with ATO and other government disagreements has been exceptional, and we are confident in our ability to aid you as well.

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our tax lawyers in resolving conflicts with the ATO. Explore further details here.

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For further information on ATO disputes, please refer to our Tax Lawyers Page.

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