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Coroners Court

The Coroners Court carries out investigations into undetermined deaths and fires, and has the power to make recommendations about how to prevent similar deaths in the future.

Both organisations and individuals who possess evidence which could assist the Coroner’s investigation may be summoned to give evidence at an inquest. Likewise, those who face the possibility of being implicated in the cause of death or fire may also be identified as “interested parties”.

For persons who are involved involved in an investigation or inquest, legal representation by an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the Coroners Court, its rules and procedures, is crucial. That is especially so because the Court has the power to make recommendations and make referrals for further charges, and because few firms have extensive experience in the Coroners Court.

At PCL Lawyers, we act for both family members and relatives of the deceased and for interested parties.

Hearings in the Coroners Court frequently generate substantial media interest, particularly when a determination is reached that a person’s death was partly caused by someone’s actions, or where the Court makes recommendations for further charges.

The repercussions of unfavourable determinations in the Coroners Court can be substantial. A person or business implicated in causing a death may suffer significant harm to their reputation, and may be charged with additional civil and criminal offences.

Our lawyers will seek to minimise the likelihood of unfavourable outcomes and ensure that all relevant evidence is presented to the Coroners Court. Our experience in the Coroners court shows that being represented by a lawyer who is experienced in Coroners Court matters can push other involved parties to reveal more about their own actions, allowing the court to hear the full version of events.

As a result, our clients have been able to avoid any negative outcomes from the investigation.

We offer assistance and guidance for relatives

For families of the deceased, coronial inquests and investigations can be emotionally challenging. Although the Court and counsel assisting the Coroner will provide assistance and consider the families’ wishes, their primary responsibility is to reach findings and make recommendations.

Your perception of relevance may differ from what is being presented. Our lawyers can guide you through the process and ensure that your concerns are effectively communicated and advocated for. This situation can become even more complex when family members disagree.

Experienced legal representation can greatly aid in investigations and inquests held within the Coroners Court.

Getting the right legal representation is key

Because the Coroners Court operates differently from most other courts, it is crucial to select a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced appearing before the Coroners Court. PCL Lawyers has a wealth of experience in representing both family members and other interested parties in Coroners Court investigations and inquests alike.

Our lawyers have represented both individuals and businesses in hearings before the Coroners Court involving fatalities in aged care, hospitals, and public areas. Additionally, they have offered guidance to family members pursuing investigations and challenging rulings made by Coroners.

Our team of lawyers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the various workings of the Coroners Court and have acquired the necessary experience to effectively advocate for your rights and safeguard your interests.

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